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Maggard Lab @ NC State

The Maggard research laboratories house instruments for the preparation and characterization of solid-state materials, such as from ceramic oxides, to high surface area materials, to quantum materials.  Many of these types of reactions require the use of high temperatures (up to 1200 C) as well as vacuum or inert gas conditions.  Their characterization requires a range of techniques, including X-ray diffraction, spectroscopic methods, and reactive surface area measurements.   In addition to the instrumentation available in the Maggard lab, research members utilize the NC State University METRIC Facility for Single Crystal X-ray diffraction, the Nanofabrication Facility and Analytical Instrumentation Facility, such as for thin film sputtering and electron microscopy, as well as the High Performance Computing Center for electronic structure calculations.


One of two available VAC dry boxes for loading reactions in inert gases, e.g., N2 or Ar, within reaction vessels such as fused silica tubes or flasks.






In the foreground, a large processing furnace (to 1200 C) for annealing films or performing reactions under flowing gas streams.  In the background, two vacuum lines for sealing reactions within fused silica or pyrex tubes.






Schlenk line setup for the reaction of air sensitive compounds.






A bank of high temperature box furnaces (out of 7 total) for solid state reactions, e.g., using molten salts or ceramic methods.  The lab is also equipped with 6 high temperature tube furnaces.





A bank of low temperature ovens to ~300 C (out of 6 total), for hydrothermal and solvothermal reactions in stainless steal vessel.  The lab has a number of small to large high-pressure vessels.





Custom-built arc welder for sealing metal reaction vessels, e.g., Nb or Ag, or for performing very high temperature reactions of > 2500 C.






Inel powder X-ray diffractometer, with curved position sensitive detector (CPS 120), for characterization of the crystalline phase and purity of bulk solid-state samples.







Shimadzu UV-3600 spectrophotometer, equipped with an integrating sphere, with a wavelength range of ~200 nm to ~3,300 nm.





Shimadzu IR Prestige 21, equipped with ATR accessory for measurements on solid-state samples.







ChemBET Pulsar TPR/TPD with temperature programmable reduction and oxidation cycles and surface area measurements.





The Maggard laboratory also contains a number of high pressure arc lamps for simulated solar irradiation experiments and photoelectrochemical cells, as well as a ferroelectric testing system and a variable temperature (~80-730 k) Hall and van der Pauw conductivity instrument.